Public improvements along Old Deerfield Road

The Developer directed the Design Team which included the traffic engineering consultant, urban planner and architect to review the existing conditions and the input from neighbors from the first Neighborhood Town Hall meeting relating to traffic conditions along Old Deerfield Road. After reviewing the existing conditions, the Design team reported that the existing roadway, lane configuration and certain parking conditions created a condition whereby local traffic was, at times, stalled and lead to poor traffic flow along the stretch in front of the proposed development’s main entrance.

The developer, then, directed the Design Team to provide solutions to the City whereby those conditions could be relieved and whereby future conditions would be improved given any added traffic from the proposed development. The resulting best solution was to add two left turn lanes along Old Deerfield Road and add a dedicated right turn in lane into the proposed development. In order to accomplish that, the developer conceded a long section of property along Old Deerfield Road to the City so as to accommodate the new roadway design. Additionally, the developer's Design Team worked with the Owner of the Bluegrass Restaurant to propose a design that allowed the left turn lane. The developer also proposes to redesign and reconstruct the Restaurant’s parking by granting use of the development's property for a more efficient parking layout that created about 20 more parking spaces dedicated for use by the Restaurant.